Friday, October 26, 2007


Its been a while since we updated the blog, mainly cause our semester juries are approaching (less than a week to go) and we are really tied up with the last minute preperations!!!

Have been able to build some more cool apps (atleast we think they're cool) :) ... they include a batch photo editing and uploading tool (with all the multitouch coolness factor) that can load pics from your digital camera (DCIM format) and throw them around on the stage as soon as u plug it into the USB port!, then you edit them (basic editing like brightness, contrast, saturation) one or multiple images at a time and simply upload them to a http web address!!!

The second app is just a collection of different web services, reworked and with a new refreshing look and again all the multitouch coolness factor :)...a flickr photo application, youtube video app, and a google maps/yahoo road maps application that lets you do what google earth can, on a multitouch setup.

a screenshot of the web services app.. homepage :), this is how you'll access your favorite web-pages, in the future :D

currently we're working on a gesture engine that will simulate how we can create custom gestures and use them in our apps... next in the pipeline is a remote presentation tool ..

more details on that one and all the other app's video would be up soon.


divesh | adithya


Puthali said...

hey nice, though video wud have been nicer :) but yeah u did say u were busy, so cant complain :)
'n yea, custom gestures is a real cool app, i luv the custom gesture browser extension 'n its real useful.

1cns said...

very nice apps.
all best to you
from Poland

Harry said...

nice pic

maybe an idea to go with a red tinted X in the bottom, because people are very visualized towards colors


criação em desencanto said...

Hey guys,

Very nice job! What softwares do you use to do these aplications?