Monday, October 1, 2007

Finally, the much awaited video... (atleast for us :D)

This is a video of our multi touch setup in action (almost though). Its a bit choppy now but shud get better in some time. This application uses flickr API to download pics from my account and display them on the surface. Hand gestures are used to pan/zoom/rotate and move them around... pretty cool eh?



Ram said...

Thass wiccckkkeddd man! We cud use it for " "MULTI TOUCH" " now :D :D :D

Apoorva said...

Pretty cool work guys, check out microsoft surface and the work these guys are doing. They are going to have some public display of the stuff in NY hotel, maybe u can check youtube videos of the same.

priyanka said...

oi...this is real good stuff even though i dont fully understand the tech part of it...but it looks really i know where have u been all these days..all the best for the rest.