Friday, December 28, 2007

NID Convocation Showcase

Hey people ...its been a while since i updated anything... well its christmas time so we took the liberty to be lazy for a while...

putting up the panel / leaflet (jpges) we used to showcase our work at the NID convocation . dec 2007



cheers :)


Anonymous said...

i say just WOW.
this is amazing.
great job.

ps. everything best in new year 2008


Thomas said...

Nice. I found this through NUI. So how does one go about creating one? Is this something that one could build oneself or has this been productized? Best. -t

Jaimin said...

Its really amazing..

I am also from Gujarat. I am a student The M.S.University of Baroda.
I am also working on the same project. Is it possible for us to talk.. it would be really helpful ..

a.g said...

I´m wondering if you´ve patented the idea... ?

Seems awesome. Would love to own one one day to work with it.

Another question, how bright is the light from the screen/desk. Is it as clear in a well lit room?

Also may I link this to my blog?

dj said...

@ a.g ... we are looking at possibilities of acquiring an IPR soon since this also involves a number of open source elements...

the brightness is pretty good (using a 2200 lumen beamer) so its usable even in semi-sunlight conditions.

we'll be glad if you'd add our link to your blog... please go ahead.

a.g said...

my question was just the opposite. i can see in the video that the light is very bright and i also see that as a disadvantage... stressful to the eyes.

also wanted to suggest that if it's to be a desktop then we should be able to sit and work at it just like a table.

i know you've probably been given thousands of suggestions but it just shows how useful, timely and interesting your idea is.

all the best.

shubh cheema said...

great!.....nice blog . got here through linkedIn .

dj said...

@a.g hey thanks for the feedback... :)

your points are completely valid and we infact did think about these issues previously..

regarding the brightness.. it can be adjusted according to the ambient light conditions... we used maximum brightness for shooting videos to use minimum shutter speed to avoid flickering video... secondly the bright spots can be taken care of by using a good diffusing projection surface (for us money was a constraint)

for the height of the table... currently we are using a standard projector (that was readily available)... it requires a certain distance to project a 40" diagonal image... this can be fixed using high end short throw projectors and the height can be brought down to as low as 1'6" for a 36" diagonal wide screen projection.

there are numerous issues which we did consider... but at the end were limited mainly by budget constraints :)

a.g said...

an idea like this lacking funding? surprising.

i´m sure once the idea hits the market that won´t be a problem.

again, best of luck.

black09 said...

Awesome I myself am designing a gui and gesture system myself

Anonymous said...

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