Thursday, December 13, 2007

the BLACK BEAUTY... :)

hey folks.. finally went bak to the workshop and managed to complete the table (the side panels, logo n stuff was left).... so here's how it looks now :) the logo in front is still done in photoshop...have sent one for printing and will be putting it up today evenin... :) will update the pic with the real thing when its done :)



Guus Knelissen said...

Congratz guys, I really like the look of it. :-)

DzHiBaS said...

looks amazing. try to play with photoshop and ivert your logo, maybe it will be more beautiful when background is black
nice job

Yogesh Nagappa said...

Aditya, DJ,

Nice work ! Congrats once again !
Just wondering have you checked out this product - eBeam