Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our Multi-Touch Projects : A compilation

Hi !

This is a compilation post of our multi-touch related work , since we started off in last october.

work @
Natural User Interface Europe AB , Sweden

We worked with NUI (Natural User Interface Europe AB) which is headquartered in SkellefteƄ - Sweden, and is a globally leading commercial company providing customized multi-touch software, hardware and service solutions to clients worldwide.

We worked on researching and building a 100" multi-touch table for CityScape Abu Dhabi 2008.

Here is the official press release

And here is the video of the table in action...

For other pictures during our three month trip to sweden, click here (flickr)

MTOS - Multitouch Operating system

In a 6 week classroom project, we designed , developed and built a full working prototype of a multi-touch table top system, with a range of software . The underlying was to make an entire operating system based on multi-touch interactions .

A multi-touch system is ; a user interface that allows people to interact with digital content the same way they have interacted with everyday items their entire life: with their hands and with gestures.

The following is a video that showcases all the software that we built on this 32"x24" interactive table.

The first one is our own custom presentation software

This application allows a presenter to arrange his/her slides on the multitouch table, and obviously ... scale them and rotate them. And then, there is the show button , which on touching presents the slide on a projector connected to the table. ( or for that matter any display device connected to the table ).

This is how it works

The inset in the video shows the slide being presented through a projector.

This means that, one can present his/her slides in a completely non-linear manner which is a requirement so often. And what better than referring to your slides by just touching them .

Whats more, this software is running over a network based on a http web server. So what this means is that, you can be sitting in your office with your own multitouch table ... presenting to your clients who are in some other location.

A multi-touch painting application, that lets you paint using an actual paintbrush, dip it in water, select the colour you want ... and just colour up your canvas, like you always did as a kid. When the water goes dry ... dip it in water again and carry on.
We've added a color mixer and a sketchbook feature too.

the chinese puzzle game you played as a kid ; now on a multi-touch table

web applications
Access your flickr and youtube accounts right from the table.
Scale, rotate and resize ... not only your photos, your favourite videos too.
Whats more, you can access google maps and yahoo roads also. Pan, zoom and rotate ... using your fingers.

5. The music mixer
The music mixer is just a basic demo of how collabrative music tools can work.

6. The camera
Its simple, click photos from your camera ... plug your camera into the table . All the pictures automatically load on the table. Now, obviously you can scale and rotate them . But wait, you can edit them too ... brightness, contrast and saturation ... all simultaneously !
Touch the upload button, and all these edited photos go right into your website!

Pallavi, A friend from NID designed a logo for our multi-touch table.
Visit her blog to see some of her other cool designs.

We also showcased MTOS in the NID convocation December 2007 .