Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Director visits ...

The Director of National Institute of Design, Dr.Darlie O Koshy, visited us today - to have a look at our project. He was impressed (to say the least :-) ) and took keen interest in going through the details of the table.

Dr Koshy, plays "myTangrams", our first game for multitouch

He spoke words of appreciation on the variety of applications that we have developed and the future possibilities of this project . Good day so far :)

Adithya | Divesh


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Anonymous said...

hey man, I wanted to do exactly the same game for my university project, now I see u already did it, so u ruined the idea for me =(
Nice job, though!

Sharath said...

hi guys, i wanna know which camera did you use for this setup, i am planning to build a DI setup and uses WPF platform provided in VS2008