Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Games on multitouch ... Yet another application


After the keyboard, we were trying to figure out what would be an interesting domain to work on under multitouch.
Almost simultaneously, we came up with games and entertainment. Our guide, Mr. Kuntal De', suggested that we work on simple games that we used to play as kids - something like Tangrams aka Chinese puzzles.

So here it is, our first multitouch based game - Tangrams (literally "seven boards of skill"). There are 20 puzzles to be solved - with 7 pieces - each called a tan. The final shape should contain all pieces, without overlapping.

Chek out the video ...

So whats so multitouch about it ? You can use your fingers to drag the pieces, rotate them and fit them neatly into your puzzle. Also the parallelogram needs to be flipped at times so there is a defined gesture for that too.... the image below shows that and you can notice it in the video as well... (i flip it thrice i guess :D)
If you really find it hard to solve them ... just touch the Solve button.

Go back to your childhood :)

Divesh | Adithya


Puthali said...

awesome! wish i had such device to play, when i was a kid...;n ofcourse it-multi touch interface game device wud be a brilliant prod if one cud work out the economics 'n target todays kids :)

Harry said...

hehe cool game

greetz Gravano